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The predictor game is hosted by the Community Development Volta e.V. non-profit organisation. Click on the banner to learn more about our activities in the Volta region in Ghana:

Rules of the CDV International Football Predictor Game

The goal of this game is to predict the entire tournament from the beginning to the final before the first match. Then you can just lean back and (not) watch the games and you will will automatically earn your points for your prediction.
Therefore a very scientific system for evaluating the predictions is in place since 1994:

In the group stage, you can win max. 10 points per match: 5 if your predicted score has the correct winner (or draw), one point if the number of goals predicted for team 1 really happens, same for team 2, and then another 3 points if you have predicted the correct goal difference. From those three points, the difference between actual and predicted goal difference is substracted. Let's look at an example: Tunisia - Australia as an example: Guess 1:4, result: 1:0: This gives 0/5 points because the winner has not been correctly guessed, 1 point for the correct number of goals for Tunisia, and for the goal difference: 3-(+1-(-3))=-1. Sum: 0 + 1+ 0+ (-1) = 0 points for this prediction. Another example: Japan - Costa Rica: Guess: 2:1, result: 3:0 gives: 5 points for the correct winner, no points for the number of goals, goal difference 3-(3-1)=1, so 6 points for this match, a bit better.

During the finals, you can only obtain points, if a match between two teams really happens at the correct stage. If that's the case, you get basic points per match and the 10 points per result are multiplied with a certain factor. Here, you will never get negative points (which is possible in the first round). Factors and basic points are: Round of 16: 7.5 pts, x1.5, Quarterfinal: 15 pts, x2, Semifinal: 30 pts, x3, Final 60 pts, x5.

At last, there are points, if you guessed one of the first three teams right (60, 30, 15 pts), you can also make a second guess on the first three teams which can make you 40, 20, and 10 pts. Please note that everyone who donated in our CDV crowdfunding For every team, you also get points if you well predicted the round where it leaves the tournament (max. 10 pts per team, if difference only 1 round: 3 pts).